Find the features that really matter to your customers

With feature tests you can find out the feature set that your customers really care about and release the right product into the market.

Mobile app testing features
Leading businesses and brands across the globe are conducting market validation with Horizon

Easily test which features your customers care about most

Horizon makes it easy to find which features you should prioritise before even building the product.
focus on the right features

Focus on features that customers want

Find the features your customers want so you can prioritise high demand features.

see real demand levels graph

See real demand levels for each feature

See the real demand for your product through our Customer Demand Score (CDS).

test multiple variants

Test multiple features

Use multiple variant testing to understand which features have the highest demand.

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How one startup validated their feature set to increase signups and focus on the features that mattered

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Ready to find the features your customer want?

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Let behavioural data help you prioritise features

Running feature tests are an easy way to help you discover the features that really matter to your customers.

This can give you a priority on the features you should be building into your products as well as helping you find gaps in the market.

Setup your tests in minutes

Horizon makes it simple to setup and start running tests in minutes, all in the app.

Landing page mockup

Landing page

Use conversion optimised landing pages to track customers and obtain behavioural data.

FB Ad integration mockup


Build ad campaigns in-app to acquire traffic from your target market.

customer demand score


Collect key behavioural data that will help you give you unparalleled consumer insights.

A whole world of tests to suit your needs

Horizon allows you to test different attributes of a product to make sure you get all insights need to deliver on your growth targets.
pricing tests

Uncover margin potential by running price tests

Quickly understand what it the price sensitivity for your product and and where you can and should adjust your pricing

Pricing test data
feature tests icon

Find the features that really matter

Don't work on product features that don't matter with feature tests.

Mobile app testing features
value proposition icon

Find what truly matter to your customers

See what values matter to your customers and what the gap in the market is with value proposition tests.

Shoe website trying value proposition tests
brand tests

Resonate with your customers

Understand the impact of different brands (i.e. existing vs. new brands) to the product acceptance

3 brands demand tests with one having a high score
target group test

Launch successfully with the right target group

Find out the best target group / audience for your product with target audience testing.

A set of three target group testing

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