Increase your chances of startup success by 42%

The top reason why startups fail is missing market demand. Horizon empowers founders to test their business and product ideas before building it, ensuring a higher chance of success and investment.

42% of startups fail because of no market need
Leading companies and brands already rely on Horizon to use consumer actions to predict the market success of their product decisions

Test your market demand easily with Horizon

Horizon enables you to quickly test new business ideas to see what demand there is for it.
unbiased consumer data

Unbiased Consumer Data

Uncover the data that really matters when building a business case for your innovation.

understand market demand

Understand Market Demand

See the real demand for your product through our Customer Demand Score (CDS).

realising the right product to market

Releasing the right products to the market

Use multiple variant testing to understand which has the highest demand.

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How a Food Delivery Startup found their USP via Horizon to succeed against competitors

Find the perfect product market fit with all the tests you need

Horizon allows you to test different attributes of a product to make sure you get all insights needed to launch a successful business
pricing tests

Uncover margin potential by running price tests

Quickly understand what it the price sensitivity for your product and and where you can and should adjust your pricing

Pricing test data
feature tests icon

Find the features that really matter

Don't work on product features that don't matter with feature tests.

Mobile app testing features
value proposition icon

Find what truly matter to your customers

See what values matter to your customers and what the gap in the market is with value proposition tests.

Shoe website trying value proposition tests
brand tests

Resonate with your customers

Understand the impact of different brands (i.e. existing vs. new brands) to the product acceptance

3 brands demand tests with one having a high score
target group test

Launch successfully with the right target group

Find out the best target group / audience for your product with target audience testing.

A set of three target group testing

Ready to find out if your idea has market demand?

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False negative
In the beginning of Airbnb, everyone was convinced that it would not work. The founders had to finance their business through a variety of schemes and had to launch three times. To this day, investors label it the 'worst idea that ever worked'.
False positive
Everybody had the opinion that Segway will change mobility. However, once the product was available, actual purchase were significantly below expectations. The company relied on the opinion of potential customers and the media. This issue could have been avoided by testing customer demand before building the product.

Test your startup idea in 3 simple steps

Horizon makes it simple to gather unbiased behavioural data to help you make better product decisions

Landing page mockup

Landing page

Use conversion optimised landing pages to track customers and obtain behavioural data.

FB Ad integration mockup


Build ad campaigns in-app to acquire traffic from your target market.

customer demand score


Collect key behavioural data that will help you give you unparalleled consumer insights.

Bringing confidence to your startup's product development

So many start ups fail because their idea didn't have any market demand, which you can't understand through opinion based testing like surveys.

Horizon helps you collect and analyse behavioural data so you can make the right decision with your business.

customer demand score

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