Faster Market Success Prediction without disclosing your Brand or Entity

Save time, de-risk and protect your IP against competitors by researching without disclosing your brand and legal entity to the market.

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Leading businesses and brands across the globe are trusting Horizon with incognito testing to consumer-validate their product decisions safe and fast

Faster research results and competitive advantage for your research with our incognito testing

Horizon provides the imprint and legal infrastructure for your ads and landing pages so that your company brand or legal entity is not associated with the research project by consumers and competitors. This allows you to skip the legal overhead and get to a consumer-validated product decision even faster.

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Ready to increase the ROI of your product decisions?

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You increase the ROI of your product decision, we handle the research. Incognito testing comes with our Testing-as-a-Service.

Let our Research Consultants set up the legal infrastructure of the test and run your behavioural research so that you can consumer-validate your product decision with zero effort.

Answer any consumer research question incognito with Horizon

Horizon allows you to uncover purchase intent and consumer-validate every product decision you need to make.
pricing tests

Uncover margin potential by running price tests

Quickly understand what it the price sensitivity for your product and and where you can and should adjust your pricing

Pricing test data
feature tests icon

Find the features that really matter

Don't work on product features that don't matter with feature tests.

Mobile app testing features
value proposition icon

Find what truly matter to your customers

See what values matter to your customers and what the gap in the market is with value proposition tests.

Shoe website trying value proposition tests
brand tests

Resonate with your customers

Understand the impact of different brands (i.e. existing vs. new brands) to the product acceptance

3 brands demand tests with one having a high score
target group test

Launch successfully with the right target group

Find out the best target group / audience for your product with target audience testing.

A set of three target group testing