You get actionable consumer insights, we handle the testing

With Horizon's Testing-as-a-Service you can focus on your core activities while we take care of the test from concept to fielding.

Start your project
Start your project
Leading businesses and brands across the globe are conducting market validation with Horizon

Add quantitative, behavioural consumer insights data to your market research and make better decisions

Take the work out of getting behavioural demand data by letting us setup and manage your consumer insights testing.

Save time

Focus on your core tasks while we handle the test from concept to data delivery.

Participate in Horizon's expertise

Use our experience setting up landing page tests and get the most reliable test data.

Access quality behavioural data

Gain invaluable and unbiased behavioural market interest data to add to your customer insights.

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How a leading FMCG company in cosmetics is utilizing Horizon to increase profitability

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How we collect actionable consumer insights for you

Our process makes it quick and easy to start collecting the data you need to reliably, while you can focus on your core tasks.


We define the insights you would like to acquire, build the test strategy and the concepts of the landing pages together with you.


Based on the test strategy and landing page concepts, we build the test assets and stimulus and prepare everything for fielding.

Test & Data

We set the test live and invite you to your dashboard where you can see all data coming in in real time.

Start your project
Start your project

Incognito testing

Interested in the insights only and don't need any lead data? Then incognito testing allows you to run market demand tests with no involvement from your compliance, legal and data privacy departments. Save time, save resources and go incognito with Horizon providing the imprint of all landing pages of your test.

Focus on the insights and let us do the work

With Testing-as-a-Service, Horizon takes care of the entire test strategy, test setup and test maintenance

A whole world of tests to suit your needs

Horizon allows you to test different attributes of a product to make sure you get all insights need to deliver on your growth targets.
pricing tests

Uncover margin potential by running price tests

Quickly understand what it the price sensitivity for your product and and where you can and should adjust your pricing

Pricing test data
feature tests icon

Find the features that really matter

Don't work on product features that don't matter with feature tests.

Mobile app testing features
value proposition icon

Find what truly matter to your customers

See what values matter to your customers and what the gap in the market is with value proposition tests.

Shoe website trying value proposition tests
brand tests

Resonate with your customers

Understand the impact of different brands (i.e. existing vs. new brands) to the product acceptance

3 brands demand tests with one having a high score
target group test

Launch successfully with the right target group

Find out the best target group / audience for your product with target audience testing.

A set of three target group testing

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See how cosmetic brands use behavioural insights

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