Learn how to prove consumer desirability and willingness to buy from real-world behavioural data, pre-market.

This guide is a comprehensive resource for innovation teams, enabling them to effectively and efficiently validate their ideas and decisions along the innovation process. You will learn:

  • What is validation?
  • Why should you integrate it into your innovation process?
  • How can you validate innovation?
  • Which validation methods should you choose?
  • What validation tools are there waiting for you to be applied (glossary)?
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"Pretotyping: The Complete Guide" – The cover features an image of a water bottle, likely signifying a simple, early form of a product used in pretotyping to validate the product concept with minimal resources.

Learn how to run Pretotyping to consumer-validate your product decisions by uncovering purchase intent from real consumers through behavioural data.

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"Fake Door Tests: The Complete Guide" – This cover shows a graphic of a broken door, symbolizing the concept of "fake door testing," a method used to gauge customer interest in a new product or feature.

If you're ready to start collecting robust purchase intent data to make the right product decisions, this Fake Door Test guide is for you.

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"Smoke Tests in Market Research: The Complete Guide" – Depicted is a pair of headphones with a visual effect that looks like smoke, which is often used metaphorically to describe the "smoke testing" process, a strategy to test customer reaction to a product or marketing campaign.

This is the complete guide to smoke testing process for consumer insights, product innovation and product management teams.

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See how Horizon helps companies to make the right price decisions with robust purchase-intent data from real consumers, pre-market.