Consumer-validate your product decisions

Horizon helps you to understand market demand for your new consumer product, before you build it. Collect unbiased and robust customer data with zero effort to start making better product development decisions.

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Leading businesses and brands across the globe are conducting market validation with Horizon
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Being customer-centric has never been so easy

Run customer demand tests for your new product before building it, and make well-informed development decisions based on behavioural data of your target market. Horizon aggregates all data for you and displays your results in a way that is easy to interpret.

Truly understand your customers’ purchase intent

Avoiding false positives and false negatives in early product demand research are your key to product success. By using Horizon, you will understand if customers are really willing to use or buy your product.

False negative
In the beginning of Airbnb, everyone was convinced that it would not work. The founders had to finance their business through a variety of schemes and had to launch three times. To this day, investors label it the 'worst idea that ever worked'.
False positive
Everybody had the opinion that Segway will change mobility. However, once the product was available, actual purchase were significantly below expectations. The company relied on the opinion of potential customers and the media. This issue could have been avoided by testing customer demand before building the product.

Validate market demand before making large investments

Graph - Validate demand before large investments

Develop products that have known consumer demand

Put ideas into product development that have proven purchase intent and customer demand.


Unbiased data for your business case

Horizon gives you robust, unbiased data that will be the differentiating factor for your business case.


Compare all relevant aspects of your new product

Horizon provides you with an analysis of what idea or variant to put into development, using our Customer Demand Score.

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"Without Horizon, we would have the wrong product in development right now."

Florian Schipperges, Manager & Product Developer
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“We were looking for a way to test our ideas pre-prototype based on data, and we have now found it. Horizon ultimately ensures that we increase our profitability”

Maximillian Seidel, Senior Innovation Expert @ Cosnova
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"Horizon helped us to verify our Customer Acquisition Cost hypothesis for our business case"

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Testing for real customer demand made simple through Horizon

Horizon enables you to set up your test in less than 24h

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Communicate your product idea in one of Horizon's landing page templates, or use your own

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Build ad campaigns instantaneously in-app & acquire traffic from your target group

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Horizon takes care of the data analysis, aggregation and interpretation, allowing you to focus on your demand results.

Made for Innovators, Customer & Research Insights and Entrepreneurs

Horizon fully integrates your product landing page and ad campaigns and analyzes all data to evaluate the real customer demand of your product.


For Customer Insights & Research Managers

Conduct concept testing using unbiased data. Gain valuable customer behaviour insights before starting product development.


For Innovators

Identify customer demand early in your market validation stage to enable your organization to make the best investment decisions for new products, based on behavioral data.


For Entrepreneurs

Conduct  with Horizon and integrate your Customer Demand Score in your investor's pitch - they will love you for providing real market insights for your idea already.

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