Increase the ROI of
your product decisions

Consumer-validate your product decisions by uncovering purchase intent from real consumers through behavioural data.

Leading businesses and brands across the globe are consumer-validating their product  decisions with Horizon

Introducing consumer-validation with landing pages for innovation, product & consumer insight teams

Horizon allows you to uncover the true purchase intent based on behavioural and quantitative data by running multivariate landing page tests with consumers from social networks or search.

Design test variants

Design the variants of landing pages and ads and measure consumer behaviour along the entire journey with Horizon, to answer your research question.

Run consumer-validation test

Collect consumer action and purchase intent data from real consumers, which can be viewed in real-time in the Horizon dashboard.

Make product decision

Uncover the behaviour of consumers to understand purchase intent and make a more informed, consumer-validated product decision.

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"Working with Horizon was not only a remarkable customer experience but also enabled Bosch to make insightful strategic pricing decisions."

E-Lin Tan, Global Head Smart Indoor Gardening
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“We were looking for a way to test our ideas pre-prototype based on data, and we have now found it. Horizon ultimately ensures that we increase our profitability”

Maximillian Seidel, Senior Innovation Expert @ Cosnova
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"Without Horizon, we would have the wrong product in development right now."

Florian Schipperges, Manager & Product Developer
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Successful consumer businesses don't rely solely on opinions for their product decisions

In real-life markets, consumer actions rarely match what they stated previously when they were surveyed during market research. Companies must show consumers what they could use or buy and measure their behaviour to uncover their true intention and achieve more reliable research outcomes.

If we build it,
would you buy it?

Research that relies on opinions reflects hypothetical attitudes of consumers that external factors and real-life situations would influence the research cannot anticipate.

If you buy it,
we will build it.

Behaviour-based research provides insights into real-life actions by consumers, as they are unaware of test circumstances and perceive the test stimulus as an actual product.

Get the best insights on consumer-validation straight to your inbox

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Made for product-, innovation & consumer insights teams

Horizon fully integrates multivariant landing page tests and data analytics to provide you with consumer-validated insights on the right decisions for your products.

consumer insights

Consumer insights & market research teams

Uncover purchase intent for products and increments and enable your organization to make consumer-validated product decisions with behavioural research via Horizon.

innovation labs

Innovation teams

Conduct rapid consumer-validation tests with Horizon to make the right venture-building and product development decisions for your innovation projects.

Pretotyping icon

Product teams

Meet consumer needs with your products and increments by validating every product decision with the true purchase intent data from Horizon.


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