Increase the ROI of your
value proposition decisions

Uncover purchase intent from real consumers and implement the value proposition with the highest consumer demand.

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Leading businesses and brands across the globe are consumer-validating their value  propositions before go-to-market with Horizon

You are three steps away from consumer-validating your product value proposition decisions

Horizon allows you to uncover the true purchase intent based on behavioural and quantitative data by running multivariate landing page tests with consumers from social networks or search.

Design test variants

Design the variants of landing pages and ads and measure consumer behaviour along the entire journey with Horizon, to answer your research question.

Run consumer-validation test

Collect consumer action and purchase intent data from real consumers, which can be viewed in real-time in the Horizon dashboard.

Make product decision

Uncover the behaviour of consumers to understand purchase intent and make a more informed, consumer-validated product decision.

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Identify the value proposition with the strongest purchase intent by consumers

With Horizon it is easy to test your value propositions so you can find what consumers are looking for.
find your unique value proposition

Find your unique value proposition

Discover the gaps in the market to find the USP your customers are looking for.

see real demand levels graph

See real demand levels for each value propsition

See the real demand for your product through our Customer Demand Score (CDS).

test multiple variants

Test multiple value propositions

Use multiple variant testing to understand which value proposition has the highest demand.

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Successful consumer businesses don't rely solely on opinions for their product decisions

In real-life markets, consumer actions rarely match what they stated previously when they were surveyed during market research. Companies must show consumers what they could use or buy and measure their behaviour to uncover their true intention and achieve more reliable research outcomes.

If we build it,
would you buy it?

Research that relies on opinions reflects hypothetical attitudes of consumers that external factors and real-life situations would influence the research cannot anticipate.

If you buy it,
we will build it.

Behaviour-based research provides insights into real-life actions by consumers, as they are unaware of test circumstances and perceive the test stimulus as an actual product.

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