Powerful customer demand data at your fingertips, quickly.

Integrate your landing page and ad campaign into Horizon, then witness the magical capabilities of Horizon's automated data evaluation for your prototype.

Ad campaigns set up in just a few clicks

No more messing around with complex ad campaign builders. Use Horizon to set them up in a flash and start acquiring traffic on your page straight away

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Seamless landing page integration

Create your landing page with any common landing page builder and simply integrate it into Horizon using a short snippet.

Automated Data Evaluation

Horizon handles it from here. Lead conversion, data aggregation, and benchmarking are all covered through our performance dashboard, the focal point for identifying customer demand for your new product.

Get monthly insights on how to consumer-validate your product decisions

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The Horizon Customer Demand Score (CDS)

The Customer Demand Score was created to encompass all relevant analytics into one simple and easy to understand metric that can be used anywhere.

The CDS saves you valuable time in data interpretation by representing all key market validation analytics in the dashboard.

Use the CDS alongside qualitative market demand testing (e.g. focus groups and interviews), to capture the true buying or use intention of your target group.

Use the CDS to gain a competitive edge by benchmarking against several other innovative ideas you can test within Horizon.

Data-driven decisions

Horizon's user-friendly data dashboard provides meaningful insights as early as possible. This allows you to avoid putting the wrong product into development, dramatically improving and accelerating decision-making.


View important Customer-Walkthrough metrics which show you how many users have visited your landing page, and how many times they have clicked on your ad. Horizon also displays your Cost-Per-Click/Cost-Per-Visit, allowing you to budget around your goals better.

Customer Quality

View significant Single and Double Opt-In conversion metrics to help you understand if customers are willing to invest in your solution or not.


View key Lead Conversion rates derived from landing page analytics to see how customers are engaging with your offering, and to determine your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Let your customers shape your product - in all dimensions

Benchmarking has never been easier. Horizon makes it simple to test an endless amount of variants for market demand.

Feature Sets

What feature sets should you prioritise?

Product Demand

How strong is the demand for your product- or service idea(s)?

Brand Performance

Which brand brings in the best performance results for an upcoming product?

Price Acceptance

Which price is best accepted by the customer?

Value Propositions

What value propositions resonate with your customers the best?

Start experiencing the difference customer behaviour testing makes for your next innovative idea.

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SMEs &

Evaluate your entire idea-portfolio on one platform, making the decision for your next product, brand, or price line even more robust.


Founders &  

Validate your next big idea with unbiased customer demand data and result-driven analytics that will wow investors in your next pitch.


Agencies &

Go above and beyond the expectations of your clients and accelerate growth with data that allows you to create the best strategic direction for your clients.

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