Consumer Insights & Decision Intelligence Startup strengthens quantitative marketing and consumer research capabilities with new advisor

Horizon appoints Jochen Eckert as scientific advisor

Horizon appoints Jochen Eckert as scientific advisor

Mainz/Wiesbaden, 05.06.2023 – Horizon, a B2B SaaS company specializing in consumer insights and decision intelligence, announces its collaboration with Jochen Eckert, Professor of Quantitative Marketing and Data Science, as its scientific advisor.

Horizon's decisionOS assists innovation, product, and consumer insight teams in consumer-validating (Pretotyping) strategic product decisions. Renowned European companies are already relying on Horizon to uncover valuable insights. For example, Bosch recently discovered a 20% price increase opportunity for their smart gardening device based on insights obtained through Horizon.

The professor from Wiesbaden Business School with a PhD in Marketing will play a vital role in elevating Horizon's approach in combining quantitative research and behavioral consumer data to equip customers with the intelligence to increase the success rate of new products and product decisions.

“We're thrilled to welcome Professor Jochen Eckert as our scientific advisor. With his strong academic track record in quantitative marketing and market research, paired with extensive industry experience, he brings invaluable insights that will enhance the value our product provides to customers. Professor Eckert's pre-academic experience as a founder, coupled with his work for esteemed companies such as Indeed and Uber, and as a leader at eBay, positions him uniquely to leverage insights from both research and the corporate world. This will accelerate our mission of enabling teams to consumer-validate their product decisions", said Daniel Putsche, Co-Founder & CEO of Horizon.

"The way Horizon is helping companies to uncover the true purchase intent for their product decisions immediately convinced me, and I'm thrilled to contribute with my research and corporate experience to what I think is revolutionizing the way successful businesses will make product decisions”, said Professor Jochen Eckert, Professor of Quantitative Marketing and Data Science at Wiesbaden Business School - RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

Horizon was founded in 2021. The current team of 11 works on the SaaS solution from anywhere in the world, in line with the “remote first” approach. The Horizon software makes it possible to use landing page tests to analyze consumer behavior in response to strategic questions. On this basis, decisions can be made with confidence at an early stage. In September 2022, Horizon bagged USD 1.4 million as part of its pre-seed funding.  

Please find the Horizon press kit and graphic assets here.

About Horizon
Horizon is a B2B SaaS that helps innovation, product and consumer insight teams to consumer-validate (Pretotyping) overall market demand, best positioning, price acceptance and brand fit for strategic product decisions. Major European blue-chip companies have already made Horizon an integral part of their decision-making processes.

About Professor Jochen Eckert

Jochen Eckert is Professor of Quantitative Marketing and Data Science at Wiesbaden Business School - RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Germany. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Goethe-University Frankfurt (Germany) and held a lecturer position at University of Technology Sydney in Australia from 2008 to 2009. Professor Eckert’s research interests focus on better understanding and quantitatively describing consumer preferences in the context of i) sustainable and health-conscious consumption, as well as ii) digital service offerings. His research has been published in internationally recognised and peer reviewed business and information systems journals such as “Journal of Management Information Systems” and “Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications”. Before returning to academia in 2020, he spent 12 years in industry where he was founder and CEO of his own start-up, consulted Indeed Australia and Uber technology Inc. and spent 8 years at eBay where he held various leadership positions in Marketing.