What's my CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)!?

How German company WILDESLUST determined demand & calculated their CAC before building their product

WILDESLUST is a double-sided digital marketplace Startup for hunters and meat-consumers. This platform enables hunters to sell their wild meat to buyers in their region, facilitating a more sustainable method of purchasing meat whilst connecting local buyers with regional hunters. As the startup prepares for further product development, there was increasing pressure to acquire the right data to support their future operations and to decrease the cost of failure as much as possible.


The Startup had qualitatively defined a concept for their double-sided wild meat marketplace. However, WILDESLUST needed to measure the real, quantitative demand for their product before deciding to build it. WILDESLUST also needed reliable and robust data to support their business case, without having to build their product first.

  • To measure market demand for their marketplace idea for both target groups (hunters and buyers)
  • Acquire powerful data that will enhance their business case and accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

Main objectives

WILDESLUST's objective was to validate their idea's market fit to ensure that they can move forward with product development. Securing real demand data before developing their product was crucial. In order to support their business case with real data for investors, the Startup also needed accurate CAC's to be used within their financial planning.

Demand and CAC’s identified using Horizon

To determine the market demand for WILDESLUST and figure out the CAC for each target group, the Startup leveraged the powerful capabilities of Horizon. After deploying two demand tests targeting hunters and consumers, Horizon’s engine quickly took control of acquiring, aggregating, and interpreting all analytics derived from user behavior on each landing page.


Deploying demand tests for both target groups and their value proposition variants


Execution of paid advertising campaigns within the target group to acquire traffic and measure purchase intent


Horizon’s intelligent live performance dashboard conducts an analysis of all relevant KPIs to measure overall market demand and provides key metrics such as Single & Double Opt-in CAC’s

The result: Robust data delivered in a week rather than months

Both market demand tests for both flights performed exceptionally well and above the expectations of WILDESLUST. In less than a month, the customer had high confidence to move forward with product development, while having the ability to use their CAC's for both the hunter and consumer target group in their business case to support their go-to-market strategy and further operations.

A realistic landing page addressing each audience allured visitors to the page via ad campaigns and ultimately led to signups. Horizon's engine was able to derive all CAC'S for SOI & DOI leads based on the ad budget for both tests and each variant.

Reliable data such as your CAC can take months to calculate and often requires a finished and mature prototype in order to understand your spendings on every lead. With Horizon, you can easily attain this data pre-product in just 7 days, with little expenses involved. Sign up free now to start acquiring your own data for your next product innovation.